123. Discovering Trauma Bonds

May 28, 2023 Rodrigo Garcia Platas, Ross Everett, Brian McElhaney
123. Discovering Trauma Bonds
Show Notes

We've got a special treat on today's episode of BioTypical! With the help of our newly minted Segment Producer Dynia, Rodrigo and Ross have the incredible opportunity to help a couple work through their relationship issues!

Using their knowledge of Family and Relationship Systemic Psychology, Rodrigo and Ross uncover the traumatic compatibility between the couple and coach them into taking confident steps towards healing.

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Confused about BioTypes? Here's a starter episode that explains the Unani Biotypes and Systemic Psychology we reference.

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Rodrigo Garcia Platas (
English & Spanish)
Ross Everett
Brian McElhaney

Segment Producer + Community Manager
Dynia Goodwin

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Dan Purcell

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