126. The Best Type of Job For You

June 18, 2023 Rodrigo Garcia Platas, Ross Everett, Brian McElhaney
126. The Best Type of Job For You
Show Notes

After a surprising revelation about the BioType of Ross' dad, Rodrigo and Brian discuss Ross' new responsibilities as a homeowner and how this new transitional period in his life aligns with who he's always been. Additionally, the trio dive into why they aren't necessarily suited for the 9-to-5 life and discuss the concept of ikigai, or the balance between what you're paid for, what you love, what you are good at and what the world needs.

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Confused about BioTypes? Here's a starter episode that explains the Unani Biotypes and Systemic Psychology we reference.

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Hosted by
Rodrigo Garcia Platas (
English & Spanish)
Ross Everett
Brian McElhaney

Segment Producer + Community Manager
Dynia Goodwin

Podcast Editor
Dan Purcell

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