128. The Analyzer Odd Couple (with Matt McBrayer)

July 02, 2023 Rodrigo Garcia Platas, Ross Everett, Brian McElhaney
128. The Analyzer Odd Couple (with Matt McBrayer)
Show Notes

On today's episode, we have Matt McBrayer, Editor of shows like PEN15 and Miracle Workers, as well as Brian's roommate! Rodrigo, Brian and Producer Dan tackle Brian and Matt's relationship as roommates, their differences and similarities, as well how they both see art and media in the same way. The team also does a bit of career counseling with Matt, figuring out why he's felt a little burnt out as an editor.

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Hosted by
Rodrigo Garcia Platas (
English & Spanish)
Ross Everett
Brian McElhaney

Segment Producer + Community Manager
Dynia Goodwin

Podcast Editor
Dan Purcell

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